Freedom of the Written Word

All of us are familiar with the adage “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This has been true since the first story was put into writing — whether in hieroglyphics or cave paintings or words in any language. For the writer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, that meant a prison sentence in a Siberian gulag, for writing the truth…

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Pavane for Miss Marcher: Cover Reveal!

1871. The war has been over for six years but Rupe Smith still fights his demons. Ten years have passed since he left his Maine village. His Wyoming ranch is the one place he wants to be and the last place he can be. There is no escape from the guilt of his parents’ grief…

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Historical Novels Coming in 2017

Eres has two novels scheduled for publication in 2017, both of which are historical fiction. This summer, we are publishing the first American Historical (in fact the first historical novel) written by Leigh Verrill-Rhys. Pavane for Miss Marcher is set in Maine in the 1870s, following  the aftermath of the devastating American Civil War. Here is…

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