Historical Novels Coming in 2017

Eres has two novels scheduled for publication in 2017, both of which are historical fiction.

This summer, we are publishing the first American Historical (in fact the first historical novel) written by Leigh Verrill-Rhys. Pavane for Miss Marcher is set in Maine in the 1870s, following  the aftermath of the devastating American Civil War. Here is a short excerpt from the opening chapter:

George Rupert Smith stretched his legs across the gap, toward the bench his sergeant, Morton Pierce, occupied to the full extent of his physical being. Though the train could not progress any slower up the coast, Rupe pressed his back against the upholstered seat as though he could hold the engine back by force of will.

Mort, arms folded across his chest, his bulk stretched the length of the padded seats, slept as if he had an easy heart, had never faced the muzzle of a gun, never doubted returning home. The big man had a lot to answer for in Rupert’s final capitulation to the badgering to leave the ranch. The house was built and the range land ready for the cattle they had negotiated out of their neighbor’s herd. All good reasons Smith gave to stick to their plan. All good reasons Mort gave to get back to Oslo Hill.

Pavane for Miss Marcher is scheduled for release in the early Summer and will be available on all major online booksellers.

Our second publication is Merit, Book II of Lily Dewaruile’s new series, Pendyffryn: The Inheritors, the first book of which, Justice, tells the stories of the children of The Conquerors, Jean-Emíl deFreveille and Christophe Maides.  Merit tells the story of Jac Christophe, the foster son of the Demon, Maides, and his effort to win respect for his skills as well as the heart of a chieftain’s wild daughter, Manon.

Ynys Môn, Gwanwyn AD883

On the edge of the cliff, Jac crouched, fingering the blade in his belt. Though no immediate dangers lurked on the stretch of rocky shore beneath him, his caution was ingrained. Training and discipline warned against descent, at least until the woman standing, arms-outstretched, on the boulder departed. His training assured him she was no threat. Something else—her demeanor, her unaccountable solitude in a place rife with bandits and pirates—spoke more about her than he could read from his vantage point.

Merit is scheduled for publication in the Spring of 2019.