Leigh Verrill-Rhys: New Edition

Pavane for Miss Marcher, 3rd Edition

Pavane 3rd EditionAt her blog site/s, Everwriting, Leigh has written about her new edition of this In Maine American Historical Romance, published and distributed to online retailers by Eres Books:

“A Few Words…

“…Can make a difference.

“After working for days on the next book in my In Maine project, I returned to Pavane for Miss Marcher to make a Dramatis Personae to remind me of all the characters that may turn up as I write That Kentucky Boy.

“In that process, I reread the entire novel and, seeing and unabashedly enjoying the story, I found errors and omissions that needed attention.

“That led to the necessity of a 3rd edition of the novel in print and digital.

“This edition is available now in digital format at: Amazon as well as the many Amazon sites worldwide; KOBO; Barnes&Noble; and in print on: amazon.com/ and amazon.co.uk.

“And now on Smashwords and its many retail partners, including iBookstore and libraries.

“Ask your librarian to order Pavane for Miss Marcher, 3rd Edition as an ebook through a library distributor such as Library Direct, Baker & Taylor’s Axis360, Gardners, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Odilo, and The Palace Project.”

In this novel, Leigh also addresses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder experienced in pre-20th Century wars fought in and/or for freedom.