Lily Dewaruile: Latest Novel in Pendyffryn Series

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Writing this third novel in the Pendyffryn: The Inheritors series has been a challenge. Writing any novel in a series requires a good sense of structure and planning. The first novel in this series, Justice, though already in manuscript form, required me to return to the original series, Pendyffryn: The Conquerors, to find details needed in the second generations’ story.

My writing process is spontaneous. I write in the style of many well-known writers which some have called “organic”. Contrary to advice from other writers, whatever comes to my mind goes on paper. If I have an idea for a book and I get beyond the creative flow-block, the story emerges as a manuscript to be edited when transcribed to screen.

Worth was a manuscript, as was Justice and Merit, until the publication of the novel before it in the series ws published. I had learned to make notes on characters, characteristics, relationships, et cetera, so the process of transcription was a bit smoother. However, those efforts are time-consuming and often, changes occur in the organic flow that affect, or are affected by, details in a previous book in the series or even the book that started the Pendyffryn saga, Invasion.

So, with respect to my readers, I do all humanly possible not to confuse or irritate. Therefore, I humbly present Worth, Book III, Pendyffryn: The Inheritors for your entertainment:

DeFreveille, the Conqueror, is conquered. His children have the home he sought and war goes on. His friend and ally, Christophe Maides, has learned the truth of his parents’ love for one another. Both men have found homes and women to love. Their children have their own battles to fight as they make their futures among friends, strangers and their fathers’ enemies.

Susanna ach Alun Cwmdu, daughter of the pendefig killed by the invaders and adopted daughter of Christophe Maides—one of the invading army who came to conqueror and stayed to defend—has always been aware of her worth to the men who govern her life.

Though plain and disinclined to the skills of the household, her value—even to Heilyn who will become pendefig once Maides has defeated the boy’s enemies—is indisputable among the men who seek an alliance with her mother’s second husband.  Only a man who loves her and is able to protect her is worthy of her in Christophe’s estimation. Is Cynon Machlud, beleaguered pendefig from the north, that man?

“Always before she had seen him weakened, vulnerable, dependent on her ability to heal. She had never seen him like this—upright and vigorous. Always before he had been on his back, wounded, exhausted by battle and pain, barely able to raise a finger to defend himself from her ministrations. Here, on his feet, standing beside Christophe Maides, was a man larger than she had imagined, stronger and virile.”

When I am inspired by a character to write another book in a series, I choose the children from The Conquerors who present the most interesting and/or challenging circumstances to build a story around. Justice gave me opportunity to explore Marshal deFreveille, the second son rejected by his birth-mother. Merit is the story of Jac, a refugee from the Anglo-Saxon invasion of  Celtic Britain. The upcoming fourth book in The Inheritors, Blame, returns to deFreveille’s daughter, Cecilé, who loves a man who hates all she represents. There are two more books coming in The Inheritors.

Thank you for reading my books.

Lily Dewaruile

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