Cover of Cerddonial!Cerddoniol!

Cerddoniol! is a selection of answers to music exam questions collected and edited by the professional musician and teacher, Dulais Rhys, over his many years of teaching music at high school and college levels in Wales.

Cerddoniol! is a Welsh language book.

A sample:

O BA GYFNOD Y DAW’R GERDDORIAETH? [ Dadeni, Baroc, Clasurol, Rhamantaidd, Ugeinfed Ganrif ]

Dadeni, Fashynol, Canol Oes, Rhamantaidd, Oes Fodern.
(Rhidian, 14 oed)

Spadeni, Cysurol.
(Angharad, 13)

(Dafydd, 14)

Clasurol iawn.
(Geraint, 14)

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