Creative Spirit

More often than is comfortable for creative people, authors and artists of all kinds are being coerced and threatened to meet criteria that has little to do with their creative content and everything to do with censorship. 

In our previous post on this subject, we discussed the individual experience of one of our authors. Leigh has also written about censorship on her own Writer’s Journal, after reading articles by two writers in a professional journal in which they expressed their opinions about what their fellow writers should write — to satisfy the dictates of “diversity” and “inclusion”.

Our view at Eres Books is that, under no circumstances should a writer be restricted in content, subject, characters, story development or by any other means by which their ideas or thoughts are subjected to the control of what is considered appropriate or acceptable by anyone. 

The advent of independent/self publishing gives every writer total control and freedom to express their thoughts without restriction.  

A private enterprise such as a publisher may reject any work that is outside their specialty or is, in their view, unpublishable, but the author still has the absolute right to use words, discuss topics, present fictional characters that suit the premise of their work. Any attempt to silence the creative impulses of an artist should be strenuously resisted.

Although we are a small publisher with only a few authors on our books, Eres Books upholds the right of our authors to express themselves as they see fit. We also reserve the right to publish work according to our own ethics and standards.

Write as you will.